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The Green Technology Research Center inc., is a group of companies that brings together the best minds under one roof. Our main goal is to provide all possible help to a new investors and startups that we define as a useful and progressive. We have everything you need for a start: support for scientists, IT and Web team, our own laboratory and production areas.

The most important thing for a start-up company is to have small costs and support of the professionals. How is it possible? We have all our research facilities and main team located in Ukraine. It reduces our expenses and makes possible to have a big open minded team.

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We create opportunities for young startups comprising research, analysis and implementation of a brand new ideas

  • Patent check and filling
  • Lab and tech research
  • Scientific support and advice from our leading scientists
  • Creating test utility model to mass production
  • Helping with selling the idea, patent or company, as well as licensing your Intellectual Property
  • Web developing and support
  • Online marketing
  • IT innovation analysis and support
  • Representation in crowd funding companies
  • Opening new USA corporation or representing through our USA headquarters

How we help startups

Growth tools

It is said that starting up a business is difficult but promoting a business is a more difficult task. Regardless of your business frailties, Green Technology Research Center can help you grow and maximize profit from your business. At Green Technology Research Center we make it our business to assist startups promote their businesses and achieve the aim of most firms which is profit oriented. The primary objective of Green Technology Research Center is to ensure you attain a growth phase at which your business will experience steady, sustainable growth and maintain smooth running of your business.

Revenue innovation

Is the return from your business requiring a boost? Is a change of approach vital? We offer workable startup styles created with insight on the flexibility of market trends and proven business strategies, to firms in need of a fresh stance on business development and promotion.

  • Increase demand and growth resulting in double or triple surge in client base.
  • Evaluation of the sales procedure leading to shorten sales cycle and increase in overall sales.

Sales delivery

It is the desire of many to grow their business, but there is a cogent need to reflect on this question which says that is your sales process enhanced to bring about anticipated growth. In carrying out our proven strategies, Green Technology Research Center teams provide behind the scene support and employ workable strategies. We furnish firms with sales tactics which will ensure growth and maximize profit at a reliable pace.

  • Adaptive method towards user procurement and begetting demand
  • Preparing and carrying out sales meetings
  • Developing scripts and cold outreach

Labs and consulting

Is your firm at a novelty stage or you desire to diversify into a competitive market? We make it our business to develop and monitor business strategies with flexible sales procedures which can adapt to the dynamism of the market. We get you ready for growth now and in the future with desirable results in view.

  • Training on ensuring growth and related topics
  • Messaging
  • Instructions on key sales and marketing concepts
  • Practical sessions focused on overcoming challenges

Sales training

Do you require a sales team? You intend to diversify your firm but you still in fear of the unknown? We can help with contracting and training. For a novelty business sales is vital and this can be feasible when you assemble the right individuals to build your team. Gathering a unique team yourself may result in complications.

  • In-depth training and course work in order to grasp Green Technology Research Center sales method
  • Interaction with successful startups on the field to acquire firsthand experience
  • Instructions from top rated sales and marketing professionals from diverse area of specialization

Our Projects

Here is the basic list of projects maintained by Green Technology Research Center Inc.
Every brunch of our activity is developed by the separate team of professionals.

WEB Design
More Details
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Review YOUR startup idea!

We will not only hold meetings with you but involve in a comprehensive critique on your startup plan. You are opportune to discuss with experts in your field and get their sanctions on tech and marketing. We decide if your startup idea can achieve business success.

We transform website and app startup ideas into reality

Our professional team comprises of designers, digital marketers and developers, it pains our heart when the startup ideas of individuals do not come to fruition. Many investors are hesitant on investment in seemingly ideas; they are interested in functional app or websites receiving visitors and clicks already. Most individuals with great ideas do not have the financial capability to fund and market their startup idea killing their dreams even before it takes root.

It is our delight to bring new innovation into the market. We desire new outlook, dynamic and workable ideas. We anticipate a great business relationship with entrepreneurs because when we see valid ideas we make it our aim to grow the idea and build the firm to attain success. We will be there for you through the challenges at inception of the business until the idea becomes a household name. We assure you that we will bring out the best out of your idea regardless of financial constraints.

Do you have a business idea that is to be hosted online? But you do not have the technical know-how and you do not want to incur debts in that regard. Do you want to inquire if your idea can attain fruition despite the obvious limitations from us? If so you are a step toward success. All you need do is contact us to help you certify your business idea.

Do you have an innovative idea and all you require is to have it hosted online? In collaboration with our partner, we have analyzed a procedure which helps us in develop your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) at an affordable rate within a short period of time. After the testing phase we will then build a concrete foundation for you to step on. After hosting the preliminary application online, you can decide to either employ our services, a third party or your own team to build the full application. We make certain that no technical reliance occurs and you can focus on growing your business without involving us. Contact us now!

In a situation you are financially buoyant to fund your business idea, but you require the service of a partner or a team of experts to build your project together. We furnish newbies with appropriate technical members and help sustain the development of your product. We readily form tactical partnership with individuals for team building. Come by so we can discuss in detail.

After ensuring that the preliminary version of your App is already receiving attention online, you need advance to starting up and promoting your business universally. There are different levels of business internationalization. We will assist in product advertising, enhancing processes and technology. You will benefit from our wealth of experience in the aspect of technical audits for next round of investments, feel free to contact us and we will gladly help.

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